YAMAHA DT250 1982 *SOLD*

Stock #24210. Brand new ’82 Yammie DT250 – now that’s a rare find ! Yamaha began the trail bike legend with the original DT1 way back in 1968 and while the principal of a single cylinder two stroke street legal trail bike didn’t change much in the following years – …

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Yamaha RZ350 1985 *SOLD*

Stock #11196. Yamaha bought all the goodies together for the RZ350 – YVPS ( Yamaha Power Valve System ) and yes it did actually add performance – triple disc brakes, mono shock, stylish bikini fairing and lots more – result? A class leading performance bike that easily embarrassed riders on …

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Stock #59871. Little brother to the XJR1300 the 400 has all the retro look about it as its larger sibling. Great starter “LAMS” bike with that simple effective upright riding position. Showing only 14,941 KMS this beauty is ready to be enjoyed !


Stock #00933. The technology race was on between the Japanese manufacturers and TURBO’s were hot property. Fact was, none of the Turbo era bikes really delivered blistering road tearing performance, so customer romance with them wore off pretty quickly and sales were , shall we say, slow? Fast forward to …

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Stock #06153  One of the most undervalued motorcycles in captivity ! These OHLINS equipped YZF’s are a true descendant of the legendary OW01 and nearly a OW02 ( R7 ) for the street ! Just check out the World Super’s design features such as the rear axle mount into the …

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YAMAHA RZ350 1984 *SOLD*

Stock #10608. Another of these high performance yet docile to ride RZ’s ! Back in the day, Yamaha took the RZ350’s to the race track to prove their worth – in Aussie, they won on debut in 1983 at Amaroo Park in the one hour race, while over in England …

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Stock #00786. BRAND NEW – WELL ALMOST – 9 MILES ! This one is a keeper for the discerning collector or an astute buyer wanting to impress his or her mates. Is this the most collectable SR500 in the world – a genuine 9 ( NINE ) miles from new. …

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Yamaha TT500 1978 *SOLD*

Stock #03069 HOW GOOD IS THIS? HERE WE HAVE ONE VERY ORIGINAL 1978 TT500. The beautiful alloy tank has NO dents and the whole bike is a true time warp. TT enthusiasts will know what they’re looking at – be quick – this is a rare find !

Yamaha XS650 1981 *SOLD*

Stock #01556 One of three XS650’s we have in stock. Regardless of if you’re doing a build or planning a daily ride or Club run machine the XS’s make a great choice. Yamaha built the 650’s for around 14 years proving they could do what the British motorcycle industry couldn’t …

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Yamaha SR500 1978 *SOLD*

Stock #07376 Yamaha’s big single is one of the most popular bikes for light modification or full blown Cafe builds in the world. Ride as it is or build you dream bike as a clone of those legendary Deus Ex Machina bikes. This example has covered 15,118 miles and is …

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