About Us

We rode, raced and sold today’s Classics back in the day. Still do!

It’s a simple fact that to succeed in doing what we do – finding sought after, good quality, rare classic motorcycles – you need to know what you’re looking for.

So while Classic Bikes Direct maybe a name that’s new to you, our history with motorcycles stretches back to the mid 1970’s when we first started working in the local motorcycle dealership.

During the intervening 37 plus years, we have constantly been involved in the motorcycle industry in many corners of the world . The result is an enviable and unique network of worldwide friends, acquaintances and suppliers that assist us to bring you great classics at fair prices.

Consequently, our approach to doing business is based on ‘old school’ principals of value for money and personal service.

We import, export and source classics to order.

Let our worldwide network be your advantage when buying a Classic bike to add to your collection, use as a club run ride or even a daily ride.

We pride ourselves on our eclectic range of stock that is either on hand or in transit, as much as our extensive knowledge of motorcycles.

While our specialty is Japanese Classic motorcycles, we do source good European or American bikes.

You can call us on 0400 222 040

Freight at cost to all corners of Australia is available as is a full crating service if required for either Australian or International customers.

Call us for a chat about motorcycles anytime.

We are a licensed dealer – LMCT 10933

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